The most common question about tight-lacing and waist-training is, what’s the difference between the two? A simple answer to your simple question, tight-lacing is when you lace and wear a corset. Waist training on the other hand is a gradual process of achieving one goal: to reduce your waistline, semi-permanently.

What is tight lacing?

It is as easy as its name, it’s about lacing up your waist corset to improve an hourglass body look. Steel boned corsets are the most commonly-known type of corsets. They’re used for various reasons, including as a form of a fashion statement or as the undergarment to support your back and posture. If you wear corsets for a long period of time, it will cause you, body pains and problems in breathing.

Same as waist training, tight-lacing is an effective way of creating a smaller waste and an hourglass body shape.
It also helps in improving your posture and enhancing back support.
If you have loose skin, tight-lacing can help you with it

It can cause problems with breathing
If it is used excessively and improperly, it can weaken your body muscles which results in muscle atrophy
It can change the shape of your bones

There are a lot of myths about tight-lacing. The most famous one is that you’ve had your ribs removed when you were just actually wearing a laced corset. Another myth is without the corset, an individual who is used to it will be wobbling like a jelly fish.

Ethel Granger, the woman who currently holds the record of the having the smallest waist with a measurement of 13 inches used the method of tight-lacing to achieve this record. This type of extreme reductions will take time, but choosing between a corset with laces and the best waist trainer will always depend on your preferences.